QPR Commercial Dishwasher
High quality commercial dishwashers offer a truly environmentally friendly solution without ever compromising on results. the shallow wash tank ,a small amount of energy is needed to heat the water, saving on electricity and water consumption, reducing the cost to you.
We do OEM for clients
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Champion Technology dedicated in commercial kitchen equipment manufacturing, aiming to become the best partner through providing the extreme high quality products / professional services to the end customers including hotels, restaurants, staff canteens,chain food manufacturers and food wholesaler/ retailers etc. The company principle is Customer first, Our intelligence and experience for your prosperous business.

Champion Technology can provide the efficient full-range technical support, to ensure customers’ satisfying procurement and comfortable user experience. In the past years, Champion Technology supply the QPR commercial dishwashers to clients, QPR commercial dishwashers have already been delivered to the end customers all over the country.

E60P commercial dishwashers
H60P Dishwasher
hood type dishwasher with energy recycle
E60P Hood Type Dishwashers
H60P Hood Type Dishwashers
H60P-H Hood Type Dishwashers
conveyor dishwashers
flight type dishwasher
conveyor dishwasher
flight type dishwasher

Whether you need a door-type dishwasher, undercounter,hood type commercial dishwasher or conveyor dishwasher machine, here you'll find a commercial dishwasher to help you efficiently clean your dishwares. Most restaurant dishwashers are available in low-temp and high-temp versions, so finding the right one for your operation should be simple. We also offer a large selection of warewashing eqiupment, so you can fully outfit your dishrooms.

Our commitment is to give customers best quality and satisfaction but reasonable price.Our QPR commercial dishwashers products widely applied to hotels, restaurants, staff canteens. We are ready to handle all jobs related to dishwasher , We invite you to browse our product files. If you need additional information on any of our commercial dishwasher or services, please contact us , which does't take long, and will enable us to provide you with the information you need.