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  High quality commercial dishwashers offer a truly environmentally friendly solution without ever compromising on results. the shallow wash tank ,a small amount of energy is needed to heat the water, saving on electricity and water consumption, reducing the cost to you. We do OEM for clients.
E60P Lift Door Dishwasher H60P Hood Type Dishwasher H60P-H Hood Type Dishwasher with Heat Recycle
C44P Conveyor Dishwasher   FT-2600 Flight type Dishwasher
flight type commercial dishwasher 2600

C44P Conveyor Dishwasher Technical Parameters

Appearance Dimension 2605x910x1745mm
Weight 500kgs
Entry Length 500mm
Exit Length 1000mm
Drainpipe Diameter 50mm
Water Inlet Diameter G3/4 inch
Total loading 51KW
voltage 380V/50Hz/3PH
Booster Capacity 92L
Wash Temperature 55-65 ℃
Rinse Temperature 82-90 ℃
Wash Capacity 5000pcs/H
button controller
Application for large scale hotels, chain restaurants and factory school canteens where the top washing efficienvy required
Control system top mounted,
friendly maintenance structure.
Inlet/outlet emergency switch to ensure the convenient operation
High tier raw material and components, the strictest process management and quality control,
Intelligent design, anti-stacking, anti-blocking, anti-wrong operation etc.
Auto/manual control mode, speed adjustable to fit for different situation
Infrared controller to start, and set delay stop running; double-insulated doors and 360o rinse system, energy-saving and environmental-protected design,
2600 flight commercial dishwasher installation
Optional Accessories:
air duct, stainless steel working station, water sprinkler, chemical disperser and washing chemicals.